9th September 2022

Completed POC of a bus location system in Malaysia under the "Asia DX Promotion Project in ASEAN and Japan".

~ POC of the bus location system in Malaysia ~

TK International Sdn Bhd completed a POC of the bus location system with Srijengka Sdn Bhd, which operates a bus route in Pahang State, Malaysia.
Artisan Corporation, Artisan Okinawa Corporation, and TK International Sdn Bhd. completed a POC project of a bus location system with Srijengka Sdn Bhd., which operates bus routes in the Malaysian state of Pahang.
This project aims to eliminate the negative economic effects caused by traffic congestion in Malaysia by using the bus location system to grasp the actual operation status of buses and provide bus arrival prediction services to users.In this project, an English- and Malay-language-compatible version of the bus location information system "Bus Forecast" was developed under the system name "MANABAS," and the system was installed in Sri Jengka's route buses in collaboration with Srijengka Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian company cooperating in the POC. The POC project was conducted from November 1, 2021 to June 21, 2022.
  • The results of the system usage and the number of users of the buses on the demonstration route indicate that the provision of the system has led to an increase in the number of passengers.
  • In the user questionnaire, it was found that the system has improved the convenience and satisfaction of the bus service.
  • As a result of this project in cooperation with TK International, a local subsidiary, we were able to develop the company as a candidate for a sales agency contract for MANABAS in Malaysia.
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